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Choosing a Co-Packer

Choosing a Co-Packer

Are you looking to take your company to the next level?

If so, a contract packager, or co-packer, might be the key to your success. Working with a co-packer offers many benefits for companies who are looking to increase production and take on a larger-scale project. ASTRON Packaging offers a variety of co-packing solutions for companies, like on-site packaging, design, and display or contract packaging.

What is a Co-Packer?

Co-packers work hand-in-hand with companies to design and create packaging for their products. Once the packaging design is complete, co-packers will package the products and prepare them for delivery. Most co-packers can offer a variety of packaging solutions, including product packaging, design, distribution and guidance among other services.

Choosing the Right Co-Packer

Finding the right co-packer can be beneficial to the overall success of your products. Your packaging needs are important, which is why it’s imperative to ensure that the services a co-packer offers lines up accordingly with what you require. You can begin looking for a co-packer by simply doing some research online. Choosing a local co-packer can eliminate unnecessary stress down the road, as shipping costs tend to be reduced and it can also prove to be much easier when scheduling meetings.

Once you find a local co-packer with services that meet your needs, the next step is to ensure that they make safety and quality a priority. Are they fully-certified? What are their safety policies and procedures? The quality and safety of your products and those who will be using them is extremely important. If your co-packer isn’t willing to put quality and safety first, where else may they withhold with your products?’

During the selection process it can be very helpful to have open communication with your co-packer. It may prove to be a good sign if they are happy to meet with you, discuss services and policies or even offer to give you a tour of the warehouse. You can use this time to see if the values of both companies line up with each other, and even ask for referrals from the co-packer.

The Benefits of ASTRON Packaging

Co-packers offer a variety of solutions and services that are complete with their own personalized benefits. ASTRON Packaging is committed to helping clients get their products on shelves in the most aesthetically appealing way possible, while reaching the target audience and ultimately maximizing profits.

Arguably, one of the best parts about working with a co-packer like ASTRON Packaging, is the savings. Working with a co-packer can eliminate the expense of properly equipping your facility with the necessary equipment, employees and certifications in order for it to handle a largescale packaging project. ASTRON Packaging offers clients quality packaging services with a facility that features the most advanced technology. ASTRON Packaging is the only partner you will need when it comes to your packaging needs. Astron can create and design packaging that truly allows your products to stand-out on the shelf. You can rest assured that ASTRON Packaging has all of your packaging needs covered.

The well-rounded team of experts at ASTRON Packaging offer years of experience in a range of different fields. Astron offers packaging solutions for a variety of industries, including:

  • Food and confections
  • Health food
  • Cosmetic and beauty products
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Housewares
  • Automotive
  • Eye care & vision

You can learn more about the contract packaging services and solutions offered at ASTRON Packaging. Request a quote to get started with quality packaging services today!

We make it a priority to consistently meet and
exceed the expectations of our customers.


We make it a priority to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.


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